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Easy Learning English At home


Easy Learning English At home, Self-regulation learning(SRL)is a process in w hich the learner exercises control over his or her

thinking,effect and behavior as knowledge and skills are acquired(Zim m erm an 1986).The term SRL

beca m e popular in the 1980s because it e m phasized the e m erging autono m y and responsibility of learners

Easy Learning English At home

for their ow n learning.Self-regulation of writing refers to self-initiated thoughts,feelings,and actions

that writers use to attain various literary goals,including im proving their writing skills as well as

enhancing the quality of the text they create(Zim m erm an &Rise m berg 1997).Skilled writers usually

develop an initial set of goals or plans to guide the writing process.When they write,they continue to

enrich and refine their plans.Moreover,they achieve their goals and intentions by skillfully orchestrating

a variety of strategies for generating,organizing,evaluating,and reform ulating w hatthey plan to do and

say,paying particular attention to their purpose and audience(Flower &Hayes 1980).Therefore,Easy Learning English At home, self-

regulation of the writing processis critical;the writer m ust be goal-oriented,resourceful,and reflective

Television is great for learning English. The pictures make it easier to understand than radio and because you can see who’s talking, you get a better idea of what people mean. Just watch their “body language”!

Watch programmes that you find enjoyable and entertaining – whatever you watch will help you to improve your English.

Here’s the guide to learning as much as possible while watching English television:

Only watch programmes you find interesting. Learning English should be fun – not something you have to force yourself to do. If you have a passion for football, watch matches or the sports news. Easy Learning English At home

Keep a notebook near to your television, so that you can jot down any new words or expressions that you hear. This is especially useful if the programme you are watching has been subtitled into your language. Easy Learning English At home

Try to watch English television regularly. Even if you can only watch 15 minutes a day, you’ll be amazed how much you learn.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything – English television is normally aimed at native English language speakers. Programmes often include difficult words and expressions. If the programme you’re watching is full of unknown words, just concentrate on understanding the general meaning. Easy Learning English At home

Even cartoons and children’s programmes are useful when learning English and quiz shows are useful for learning how to ask and answer questions in English.

Keep a note of television programmes and presenters that you find easy to understand and try to watch them regularly. Doing this will increase your confidence and give you a sense of achievement. Easy Learning English At home



5 Ways to Make E-Mail Marketing Work Easier

5 Ways to Make E-Mail Marketing Work Easier
1) More Personal Approach

personal approach or style of personal infusion would create an e-mail work better. Do not generalize on a particular group and instruct your marketers to include a unique message for every email sent to customers. unique message can be as general as regards the day time shows it was sent or full name of the person. Can also remark or a few lines using language people you send mail to. Remember that when you make your site, you add some personal add-ons for your free website templates, and you modify the frame for the simple reason that you want something personal. Customers are people and they want to expect a good message specifically addressed to them. Treat each mail as business mail, and customers will do the same 5 ways to make E-Mail marketing work esier

2) Adding Items unique to Avoid Spam

Free email service that is usually imposed strict rules of search engine companies that manage them. It is in the interests of search engine companies to keep users and they just make a policy to fit the user’s interests. 5 Ways to Make E-Mail Marketing Work Easier You can not blame the search engine crawlers to place the letter in a separate spam folder. The best approach is to adhere to their rules and send more personal emails that looked like that you sent to that person. Rather than send to the choice of all, it’s better you ask people to write the letter to add some personal flavor to the message they send. One good tip is to rearrange the structure of the sentence or add an additional sentence for each mail sent.

3) Choose the Right Email Provider List

Provider of email list are companies or individuals selling email lists. You need this email list to launch your email marketing campaigns, unless you have enough people to inspect and register to email addresses found on social networking sites. 5 Ways to Make E-Mail Marketing Work Easier However, we must be careful to not deal with the criminals in business. There are email lists providers who obtain their goods from questionable sources or means a lot of questionable, and you should be careful. You will be wasting time, money, and labor costs if you get a list of emails from this email list service providers underground disgusting. It is advisable to check the company records on the internet. Type the name of the provider of email list and learn about their past activities. 5 Ways to Make E-Mail Marketing Work Easier

4) Develop a System-Continued

A follow-up system to overcome the fact that some potential clients to ask questions about products or services. Questions should always be welcomed and they should always be entertained. When you create and send messages as easy as one-two-three, back is another. If you have staff, then you should train your staff how to properly respond to the questions and you have to build a referral system where staff can ask your supervisor how to reply to or answer the question more specific. Remember that a person who gives the business in question is willing buyer. Failure to respond within a certain period
will certainly disappointing him.

5) Add infomercials Video, Interactive Maps, and Images

You may have made the best advertising in your market, but not enough. Pictures speak louder than words. Video or moving images speak louder than images. Including a video in an email message you can surely produce eye-catching effect is amazing. We ask you to invest in developing an excellent promotional videos for your customers to retrieve your email messages more seriously. 5 Ways to Make E-Mail Marketing Work Easier


Iwould like to share englishtips the following  for those who are just starting (might also apply to everybody at a certain degree) to learn English:
1. Just like a new baby, we learn a language slowly. First we listen, then we speak, then we read and finally, write.englishtips

2. Listen, speak, write and most of all, THINK in ENGLISH.How: joining and posting in forums, especially in this website is very educational and informative.englishtips

3. Make friends with somebody who is an ESL learner or somebody who can study and practise with you with the language. englishtips

4. Read English stories and articles. englishtips

5. Write down new words, start a vocabulary notebook.

6. Keep an English diary to practise writing sentences in English.

7. Visit an English speaking country (if you can afford it, why not), live, listen and speak with native speakers.englishtips
Many students and teachers have asked this question, and the answers are as different as the people asking the question. Here I will give you several tips for learning English. They are based on my own experience in learning languages. These tips helped me when I learned a foreign language, and I hope that they will help you as you work on improving your English.
Want to learn.First of all, you must want to learn. If you are not interested in learning English, no class will help you, no book will help you, and no hints will make it easier. If you are not interested, you will find reasons to avoid studying, and whenever you do study, it will be very difficult. So you have to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself, “Do I really want to learn English?” If you can’t answer “yes” to this question, it is better for you to set English aside until you’re ready and willing to learn.

Identify your motivation.Next, you need to identify your motivation. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to learn English? Why do I want to improve my English?” Some people want to learn English to get a better job, or to be considered for a promotion. Other people may need to learn English to attend university or school. Still other people may want to learn English so they can enjoy life in America more, by being able to understand movies and TV, and make friends with their American neighbors. Each person is different, so their motivations will be different also. If you have identified your motivation, it will be easier for you to learn English, because it will help to encourage you as you learn English.

Set goals.Once you have identified your motivation, you can set some goals for learning English. Having goals will help you to remember what areas you want to work on, and it will help you to see your progress.
Ask yourself, “What are my goals? What areas would I like to improve?” Pronunciation? Listening comprehension? Would you like to increase your vocabulary? Do you want to know what to say when you go to the bank, the doctor, shopping? Think about what your goals are, and review once in a while to see that you are making progress toward your goals.

Practice, practice, practice.After you have set your goals, you have a better idea of what you need to practice. Just like the athlete whose goal is the Olympics must train daily, you as a language learner must practice language every day to make progress toward your goal. We say, “Practice makes perfect.” This means the more you practice something, the better you become at it, and the fewer mistakes you will make.
Specific ways to practice:
Speak to Americans as much as possible.Write, write, write – letters, email, notes, etc.Make phone calls to practice your English
Expose yourself to English as much as possible.The more you expose yourself to English, the more you get used to it and the more familiar it becomes to you. You will start to recognize what sounds right and what sounds wrong. You will also start to understand why certain words or phrases are used instead of others, and you will start to use them in your own conversations and writing. English will start to become a habit, and little by little you will find it easier to use English.
Specific ways to increase exposure to English:
Watch TV and movies.Listen to the radio.Read as much as possible.
Enlarge your vocabulary.Having a large vocabulary is basic to learning any language, and it is especially true in English. Reading is a very good way to learn new words. So is doing puzzles or playing different kinds of word games.

Have fun.Having fun increases your ability to remember, so the more you enjoy yourself as you learn English, the easier it will be to remember. Play games and puzzles. Even simple ones, like ones written for children, provide good experience and practice for English. Comic books and newspaper comic strips are also a good way to have fun, and the pictures make it easier to understand than stories.

Cultivate friendships with Americans.If you make friends with some Americans, you will find that they can be a very valuable help in your learning English. Having American friends means that you will find yourself in situations where you have no choice but to speak English. Yet since they are your friends, you will be doing things you enjoy together with them. So these situations will probably have little or no stress. Friendships with Americans also means that you’ll have someone whom you can ask questions regarding language, culture, the suburbs, and so on.

Make regular study a habit.Regular study is a key to success in learning a language. It is easier to study a little each day instead of trying to study several hours only one day a week. Also, studying a little each day makes it easier to review what you’ve learned and remember new things.

Acknowledge the progress you’ve made.Finally, it is important to recognize that you will improve as you study English. Sometimes when you set your goals, they seem very difficult. Progress comes little by little, so it’s hard to see if you have grown in your language skills. Think about where you are at today, and where you were last week or last month. Maybe it doesn’t seem like you have come very far. But if you stop and think about where you were six months ago, or even a year ago, then you see that you have made progress. You have improved your English, and that is a reason to celebrate your accomplishment. It gives you hope that as you continue to study and work hard at improving your English, you will reach your goal sooner or later!