6 ways To make E-mail Practice Easy And Fun

1 Put email in its place

For many of us, the most productive hours of the day are in the morning.

But whenever you’re at your most productive, don’t let 6 ways To make E-mail Practice Easy And Fun email intrude. Keep

your most productive period of the day for your action items and projects.

Schedule email instead of allowing it to schedule you.

2 Streamline response

When asking for help or assigning tasks send your request only to those

directly involved—the one(s) with action items. When you include ancillary

recipients it won’t be clear who’s responsible for handling your request.

Keep others in the loop with a separate message, or simply forward the

original with “FYI”. 6 ways To make E-mail Practice Easy And Fun

3 Break the chain

Stop forwarding email chains. Instead, take a few minutes to summarize

what’s important from the previous exchange. Just be sure your summary

is accurate and includes the relevant level of detail. It will take more of your

time, but will be more than offset by time savings for your recipients and

your company.

4 Proof it

Once you hit the send button, your 6 ways To make E-mail Practice Easy And Fun email is “live”. Take a moment to read

your message and make any adjustments for clarity, brevity, grammar, and

spelling. With email, less is usually more—efficient and effective.

5 Can the spam

Even if you never open spam emails they waste your precious time. Every

moment it takes to scan and evaluate subject lines and senders takes time

away from something more important. Use your email application’s rules

And filters to send spam directly to the trash folder.

6 Do it now

Some messages are easier to deal with than others. But the best way to

keep your inbox under control is to deal with messages as you read them.

Whether you reply, delegate, or delete, try to deal with each one. You

probably can’t avoid deferring a few emails, but if you always try for closure

your inbox will stay much more manageable

  • Emailing race
    Students have to write emails to get as many positive responses from their classmates as they can before the end of the game 6 ways To make E-mail Practice Easy And Fun. The easiest way of organising this is to get students to email each other to arrange to meet. The person who has made the most new arrangements and written them in their diary when the game stops is the winner. You can play similar games with complaining and demanding compensation, or with making orders.

    • Emails pairwork spot the differences
      Take an email and rewrite a few sentences in it, e.g. replacing “Dear Sirs” with “Dear Sir or Madam”. Give the changed email to one student in each pair and the original email to the other student. They should read out their emails to each other line by line and underline the differences. As a class, go through the answers and discuss if there are any differences in meaning or if either version is better in some circumstances.
    • Emails pairwork spot the errors
      This is similar to Emails Pairwork Spot the Differences, but this time the teacher should take a single email and add different errors to the Student A and Student B versions of it. Students read their emails to each other, listen for the parts that are different and decide together which of the two versions is correct at each point. Go through the answers as a class and discuss why each part is wrong (spelling, grammar, formality etc).
    • Emails with clues to solve a mystery or logic puzzle
      Two of the most fun reading activities are reading clues to solve a murder mystery (e.g. Elementary My Dear Watson from Intermediate Communication Games, or something similar from Reading Games) and reading to work out the solutions to logic puzzles (available in the Reward Resource Packs and many other places, including on the internet). By rewriting one of these so that all the clues come as emails (e.g. “Dear Inspector Maigret. Sorry for writing to you out of the blue like this, but I wish to inform you that I heard footsteps going towards the study at 7 o’clock on the night of the murder…”), you can add a serious reading and writing topic to the games. 6 ways To make E-mail Practice Easy And Fun