Learning english for kids

The Artist Game
Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. In 5 minutes they must draw a picture that
conveys who they are without writing any words or numbers. At the end of 5 minutes the host
collects the pictures. Show the pictures to the group one at a time and have them try to guess
who drew it. After this, allow each of the artists to introduce themselves and explain how their
work clearly conveys who they are.  Learning english for kids

The Pocket/Purse Game
Everyone selects one (optionally two) items from their pocket or purse that has some
personal significance to them. They introduce themselves and do a show and tell for the
selected item and why it is important to them.

Learning english for kids

The Shoe Game
On entering, everyone must take off one shoe and leave it in a pile at the door. They keep the
other shoe on. After everyone is in, the host will distribute the shoes to people not wearing the
same shoe. When instructed, everyone must find the mix and find the person who belongs to
the shoe and get some info about them. They then introduce their new friend to the group.  Learning english for kids

Straw & Paperclip Game
Give each group a box of straws (not flexible straws) and a box of paperclips. Check that the
paperclips can fit snugly into the end of the straws. Give each group a task (you can use the
same one for each group if you want) and let them go. Sample tasks: Build the structure as a
group -tallest, strongest, longest, most creative, most functional, etc. Debriefing included
describing teamwork and situational leadership skills used as well as how different models
are needed to accomplish different tasks.
Someone who…
Great for large or small groups. Give out the “Find Someone Who” list to students and have
them go looking for someone in the group who meets the descriptions on their list.

Example: Find someone who is wearing blue pants.  The student who fits this description
signs their name.  Students then go off to find someone else that meets another description
on their list. The winner is the one who has their sheet filled out first and most accurately. You
should read aloud the list with the person’s name who signed it. Have the student who signed
the list verify the information.

Learning english for kids
• Find someone who has a birthday in April and have him/her sign their initials here.
• Find someone who has been to London and leapfrog over him/her. Then have the person
initial here._____________________
• Get three leaders to sign the back of this sheet.
• Find someone who has a birthday this month and sing “Happy Birthday” to them Have the
person initial here.___________________
• Find someone to listen to you say “toy boat” ten times quickly. Then have them initial
• Get three other people to link arms with you and do the cancan.  Have each person initial
• Give someone your ugliest face and have them initial here.__________________
• With two other people, face the front of the room, put your hand over your heart, and sing
the national anthem in unison. Initial each other’s papers.___________________
• Have someone tell you about the best Christmas gift they ever received. Then have them
initial here.____________________
• Get a hair over 5 inches long from someone else’s head. Let them pull it out. Have the
person initial here._________________
• Give the oldest and youngest people in the room a high five and have them initial

Learning english for kids